Why InnovaCima?

Technology has a deep impact on the products that an organization develops, produces and distributes. One of the most visible effects is that the product life cycle is shortened and therefore the way products are made, released into the markets and commercialized changes. All in all, it has a strong impact on all the traditional value chain.

Technology has also a great impact on the processes of the organization because new technologies are introduced into almost all the areas of organization including supply chain, logistics and others.

Organizations focused on technology or those that have an intensive use of it in their operations show distinct management approaches when compared to traditional organizations, that condition managerial actions.

Creativity is fundamental in order to solve challenges and lead organizational changes. In our trainings and workshops you can learn to create an organizational culture that promotes inspiration and collaboration, develop the capacity to think creatively and make sure that your next innovation project is going to be successful.

By means of the interactive trainings and dynamic discussions based on the latest theories, your organization can learn the necessary tricks, techniques and strategies in order to successfully maintain and assure competitive advantage. The trainings are conducted in Barcelona and surroundings as well as online.